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OK! apologies for not having this out sooner.. life and tournament stuff been getting in the way


silly little cat fella sporting thundercar merch. Plane for the song overseas, bottle for album drunk, comic book feel to represent thundercat


Jedd is a young glass blower with a unique talent: using only some molten sand, his trusty pipe and the air in his lungs, he is able to blow crazy animal sculptures right out of the gate. He has no need for iron bars or pincers; his breath is the only tool he uses to make his works! He's laid-back in life but serious when it comes to his craft, so much so that he left the UK, his home country, to pursue glass craft under a great master in Murano. Fun fact: he made his own glasses.
Gravity Monkey

Thank you to everyone who participated! you guys all did great jobs and I hope to host another event in the future ^^​


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The fish people have become some highly recurring characters of mine, so here's the stages of art they've gone through!
Early May 2023 - Ha'ule was first imagined

Mid May - A further exploration of Ha'ule and the concept introduction of Ha'ule's grandpa. Initially biological, now adopted and with backstory scars on his chest

Early August - Ha'ule returned to use, along with the first imagining of Wikolia. Notably, they were both named by Kolohe

Mid to late August - Ha'ule as a JJK character, and a second exploration of Wikolia w/ the first version of Carmine.


Later in August - Redundant Ha'ule sketch

Mid September - Further quick sketches, and first full body pose for Wikolia


Late September - Siblings things


October - Drew them for an Inktober. What's Wikolia doing...

November - No computer, but a 1 minute Ha'ule sketch was uploaded

December - Computer back! Fun thing, then first full body colour pose of Ha'ule


January - Getting closer to what Wikolia is. The painting has an absence of Wikolia's second pair of eyes. That's because she symbolically is more blind to reality than she should be... and now, her full body pose is also done. Orca king has also finally been drawn, along with cute sketches from my memory




:row:Feels weird having ocs actually like lol




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art by me
here's a recent ref sheet of my sona Calico. they mostly just exist to be cute, as i don't feel the need to create a backstory for a character that's essentially just a vessel for myself, lol. i designed them back in november 2023, but as my style evolved i felt like i needed to make an updated reference that's more akin to my current work. below are some pieces made by other ppl that i cherish, pls enjoy!

art by daxe
originally i designed them by colorpicking from the first glass beach album cover (right). at some point i reached out to the visual artist of the band, and tricked him into drawing calico by giving him money (left).


art by anonymous | art by katten
Here's some art by a friend that i had adapted into a ps avatar by KattenK !!!!

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